Hello! I'm Magnús!

Me! My life

I'm an Icelandic web developer currently living in the capital area with a partner, two cats, and a dog. I hail from Höfn, a lovely fishing town on the southeast coast of Iceland mainly known for being a prominent langoustine port. As a video-game obsessed kid I wanted nothing more than to make my own games. This obsession soon came ahead when I went online around 2008 and googled "How to make games free". That turned me towards the game engine GameMaker. A quick download later and many, many weeks of figuring out how to do anything of note my love of programming was ignited. At some point I moved to Reykjavík to pursuit a BSc in computer science and discrete mathematics at Reykjavík University. I graduated in 2018, took a brief detour by getting a BA in literary analysis at the University of Iceland, which I graduated with in 2022.

My career

Since 2016 I've been employed by Rauðás Hubúnaður (Red Ace Software) who operate the card-playing website Cardgames.io. In my time at cardgames.io I've the standard array of front-end development duties, standard maintenance, fixing bugs, making the website mobile friendly, patched up shoddy AI, and implementing several of the 40+ games on the site. Additionally, I've done my hand at implementing various tools and internal managing sites for Rauðás in the 5-ish years I've worked with the company.

I've taken on several freelance contracts over the years, and in that time have developed an Icelandic/Esperanto lookup dictionary, fixed and continued development on an Esperanto translation database, have written editorial software for a poetry research website, and over summer developed a proof of concept place-directory under grant which isn't avaliable to the public but I am quite proud of.

My Skills
Ranging from 1 (limited experience or minor interest) to 5 (extensive or frequent professional experience)
Django Jquery Node/npm React.js Express.js Kohana
Engines and Software
GameMaker Git Unity
Digital me!