Addiction Solitaire

Skills Utilized

Addiction Solitaire was a solitaire game I took over in its final stages, as the employee that had been working on it up to that point left the company to pursuit their studies. Addiction was among the three solitaires I worked on while working for Rauðás Software. While simple in design the solitaire's main design challenge came from its layout. Unlike other solitaires Addiction displays all its 48 cards on the table at once. While most desktops could rather easily display shrunk cards to fit the 4x13 grid very few mobile devices can and retain usability. The mobile layout for Addiction thus ended having to be designed entirely separate from the usual design, with the UI having to be simplified in order to fit properly on to the phone screen. The game, much like all games on, is built on a foundation of Jquery-backed Javascript, and standard HTML/CSS.