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Express.js React.js SQL JS Node/npm

In 2020 I was musing with Einar that I wanted to learn React properly, as I've long had an interest but never gotten around to properly sitting down and learning it. Einar was a wonderful boss, and he took that musing of mine and created a job for me where I could learn React on the job. He had long been annoyed with his current administration website which was often so feature-lacking that he often needed to directly connect to the database and run a series of functions and queries to get the information he needed. He tasked me with creating a new administration site so that he could easily manage and have oversight over and Rauðás. The front end of the administration site were entirely in React, and while it's quite roughly built (as is common with first-time projects) it served its function. The back end was standard node/express.js affair that was little more than a middle man between the front-end and the database.