Tradukisto Restoration

Skills Utilized
Kohana PHP SQL

The Tradukisto database is a translation database maintained by the Icelandic Esperanto Association ( It was built on the Kohana framework, which had fallen out of date and was now incompatible with the php versions running on the server. For a litany of reasons the transition to a more modern version of Koseven, Kohana's successor project, had stalled and Tradukisto had fallen in to disrepair. I was commissioned to restore the database, to complete the update to the most modern version of Koseven that was available, and get the site up and running again. For the most part the actual update wasn't complicated, it was mostly just incomplete. The backend had been completely retooled and prepared but the frontend had not been touched. Most time was spent simply researching and learning how both Tradukisto and the Kohana framework functioned.