Central place registry

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Skills Utilized
Django React.js SQL CSS HTML Python JS Node/npm

In the summer of 2021 I applied for and received a grant from the Rannís student innovation fund grant. I, in cooperation with Árnastofnun, would design and implement a working prototype for a Central Place Registry in Iceland: a centralized service which could hold information and data about all farms, towns, places, and other built landmarks in Iceland. The service should have a public API which third-party software, sites and services could easily connect to and fetch information from without having to build a place registry of their own. Over the three months I worked on the project I designed the database in Postgresql, implemented the back end API in Python's Django framework along with a good amount of support from the Django-Rest-Framework, and implemented the front end website in React.js. The entire thing was only ever supposed to be a prototype and so isn't available to the public, but at the end of the thing it worked great. The front end service offered a searchable map, a full editorial suite to add, edit, and remove places as well as alter their connections. The back-end service seamlessly and securely offered its services via a public REST api, and trough it anyone that had been granted an API-key could (depending on the access level of the granted key) view, search, alter, delete, and build upon the information in the database.