Yoyocoin Market

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Django GML Python GameMaker

A bit of an odd one: The Yoyogame market was a "stock market" I made for the Game Maker Community Jam #41 - "A Big Mistake". The "game", if one can call that, involved a series of "companies" players could buy and sell shares of. The companies were doing a random walk of value, but was also influenced by other players buying and selling shares along with a boost in either direction by "news articles" that appeared by a fixed schedule. The game ran off a python server that the gamemaker front end would query every minute it was open for the latest prices. The game was utterly unbalanced and players quickly found a way to in effect print unlimited money, but for the two weeks it ran it was all the rage on the forum. I've been tinkering with making a "full" post-jam version of the yoyocoin market but would you believe making a fun *and* balanced stock market game is quite hard to do in your off time?